Membership Category

We welcome membership applications from a wide variety of people. Are you:

A fully qualified and practising procurement and supply chain or any of it’s related field?
A procurement practitioner?
A supply chain practitioner?
A Materials Management practitioner?
A Store Management practitioner?
A Logistics and Supply Chain Management practitioner?
A practitioner from another discipline who works in procurement, supply chain, logistics or any of it’s related field?

Levels of Membership

The APSCMP categories of membership recognise that your interest, experience and expertise in the field of procurement and supply chain management. There are typically several levels of membership within. These levels may include:

Student/Associate Member

This level is for individuals who are currently studying or just starting their careers in procurement or supply chain management.

Regular/Full Member

This level is for individuals who have a certain level of experience and education in the field, and have met the organization’s requirements for full membership.

Senior/Fellow Member

This level is for individuals who have a significant amount of experience and have made significant contributions to the field of procurement or supply chain management.

Corporate Member

This level is for organizations that want to support the professional organization and gain access to its resources and benefits.

The benefits of membership may include access to professional development opportunities, networking events, job listings, and discounts on conferences and other events. Additionally, many organizations offer certifications for procurement and supply chain practitioners, which can be a valuable addition to one’s resume.

Professional Code of Conduct

The professional code of conduct for professional Practice outlines the professional standards to be aspired to by all members and also applies to all members irrespective of membership level, and governs the conduct of the individual member, not the nature of their profession.

Membership Upgrade

We encourage members to continue to gain both knowledge and experience, and as such we welcome applications for upgrades through the various membership categories, as you gain additional formal knowledge and depth of experience.

To submit for an upgrade to your current membership category please contact us.