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APSCMP Professional Qualifications

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Equip Yourself for career success with
APSCMP Professional Qualifications


The Academy of Procurement and Supply Chain Practitioners is an organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and skills of procurement and supply chain management professionals, and also committed to providing high-quality educational resources, training, and networking opportunities to our members.

APSCMP is a global and non-profit organization registered in United Kingdom. It is a professional body whose concentration is to provide members with competencies in the field of Procurement and Supply Chain Management such as Operation, Project, Logistics, Production, Transport, Shipping, Import/Export, Logistics, Stores, Warehousing, Supply and Materials Management disciplines, and forecasting of an organization’s products. The goals are their optimization to lower expenses, enhance profitability, and improve customer satisfaction and safety. The body consists of members who are into mentioned disciplines and more.

Our members come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, but they share a common passion for staying at the forefront of the latest trends and best practices in procurement and supply chain management. Whether you’re a seasoned procurement and supply chain professional looking to expand your knowledge, or a new procurement and supply chain manager seeking to develop your skills, the Academy has something to offer.

At the Academy, we believe that learning should be an ongoing journey, which is why we offer a range of professional development opportunities to our members. From online courses and webinars to conferences and networking events, we provide our members with the resources they need to grow their careers and make an impact in their organizations.

Also, we believe in the power of collaboration and community, which is why we offer a range of networking opportunities for our members. Whether you’re looking to connect with other professionals in your area, or you’re seeking to build relationships with experts in your field, the Academy can help you make the connections you need to succeed.

Thank you for considering membership in the Academy of Procurement and Supply Chain Management Practitioners. We look forward to helping you grow your career and achieve your professional goals.

Some of our Courses


Stores and Materials Management

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Materials and Production Management

Key Factors of procurement and
supply chain management

Logistics and transportation

Managing the movement of goods from suppliers to the company and then to customers, including planning and coordinating transportation, warehousing, and distribution.

Inventory management

Ensuring that the right products are in stock at the right time to meet customer demand and avoid stockouts or overstocking.

Supplier relationship management

Building and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of goods and services, and to identify potential issues before they become problems.

Risk management

Identifying and mitigating potential risks in the supply chain, such as natural disasters or supplier bankruptcy.

Strategic sourcing

Identifying and selecting suppliers that align with the company's overall goals and objectives.

Cost management

Continuously looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency throughout the supply chain.

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